Surgical Procedure: The Secure Technique


To perform the secure technique of Dr. Toffel's, surgeons insert an endoscope, a small cutting or biting instrument, and/or a laser through the nose into the sinuses. A fiber optic head light supplements the endoscopic view for three-dimensional control of precision and accuracy during the procedure. Polyps other tissue that cause sinus problem areas such as headaches, post nasal discharge, sinus infections or blockage can be removed without triggering significant bleeding or other side effects.

The secure technique is elegant in its simplicity because it can attack the point of blockage rather than the results of the blockage. Once the critical blockage is cleared, other parts of the sinuses improve.

The basic principle is that most sinus and nasal mucousal disease will resolve once aeration and drainage are reestablished. Removing the source of the blockage allows the sinuses to heal and return to their normal function.

Typically, functional endoscopic sinus surgery is recommended for patients who have undergone years of allergy treatment but still suffer from sinus problem areas from blockage or recurrent infections. Patients born with small sinuses and nasal passages may also benefit from sinus surgery.

Learn more about the procedure for endoscopic laser assisted nasal and sinus surgery for sinus problem developed and taught by Dr. Paul Toffel, a specialist in the field of otolaryngology.



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